Madwell Brand Update

Several years after it’s humble beginning in 2010, Madwell began to grow exponentially in both size and maturity. To keep up with it’s growing status, the company needed a more developed brand. Using the companies existing logo, a more refined mark was created and paired with a vibrant color palette, a bold typeface, and it’s own special voice. Creating a more refined brand improved this full service advertising agencies ability to go toe to toe with the establish advertising companies that have been around for centuries.


The original Madwell parallax website won several awards for it’s uniqueness and attracted a healthy rate of visitors. But eventually everything new becomes old, and the site needed an update to better showcase the companies newest projects. A small internal team of designers, copywriters, ux and developers worked together to create a new site that operates intuitively, and contains moments of vibrance and interactivity.

Impossible without...

Katherine Beherec
Kirby Bukowski
Mike Cargian
Julia Compton
Chris Church
Kevin Davis
Laura Etheredge
Matt Fry
Walt Mitchell
Nick Santaniello
Chris Talamo
Jusang You