Rockport Brand Expansion

Rockport has almost 50 years of experience crafting casual shoes and dress shoes that boast the beneficial comfort of sneakers. They wanted people to know about not only the effort they put into creating classically beautiful shoes, but also the technology they continue to perfect that makes them so comfortable to wear. We helped them expand their existing brand into a more recognizable aesthetic that we could apply to the ever changing retail seasons.


Using the new brand aesthetic, we created guidelines for content that would drive traffic to their website and encourage sales upon arrival. Beautiful imagery paired with simple layouts made new content enjoyable to create and share.


Rockport takes pride in the sourcing and use of the classic materials used to construct their shoes as well as the new technology driven synthetic materials hidden within. To tell their story more directly, we created a series of videos that explain why their products are some of the best.

Impossible without...

Chris Church
Julia Compton
Molly Crossin
Kevin Davis
Emma Fontaine
Rebecca Goldsmith
Adam Levite
Tyler Moses
Kalynn Rubino
Allie Stenclik
Laura Wasson