Robert Weinberger Branding

Robert “Bobby” Weinberger began as an aspiring attorney who wanted to support small business and start-up owners in their journey to develop thriving companies. Bobby needed a brand that showcased a current, NY and CA based lawyer’s perspective on the institute of law. A person who could cater to fast, forward-thinking clients who sought guidance through the often slow and more traditional intricacies of business. The outcome is a modern logo-mark with an equally modern typeface grounded by the use of more traditional secondary typefaces, all brought together with a royal color palette.


The website is contained to a single scroll page, giving the viewer the ability to learn all they need with just a finger swipe or jump through the nav bar. Building on a dynamic grid allows the site to properly display for any device a busy, on the go entrepreneur may be using while researching what attorney they should choose for their budding business.

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