Lycored Rebrand

Lycored is a wellness company that got its start in 1995 by extracting the carotenoid, lycopene from tomatoes. They’ve since grown into a b2b supplier of carotenoids and vitamins, striving to influence the food and beverage industry, advance their proprietary technology, and educate the public about the numerous benefits carotenoids can provide. To accompany that ambition, we set them up with a brand that could be taken seriously in the nutraceutical space, but still remain approachable to the general public.


The truth of carotenoids, as well as Lycored’s offerings can be lengthy and data heavy. We worked to create an easy to navigate website and visually vibrant videos for them to embrace the sharing of that information.


We developed unique and creative ways to share what Lycored has to offer. From an ornate living wall that drew attention to their custom built trade show booth, to an original 8bit inspired video game that taught the significance of carotenoids while players tapped on their office keyboards. Using fresh approaches to activate and education helped make Lycored a recognized name in the nutraceutical space.

Impossible without...

Kirby Bukowski
Chris Church
Julia Compton
Kevin Davis
Jackie McBrien
Tim O'Donnell
Cecily Rus
Laura Wasson